Saturday, 13 May 2017

Hydro dipping

Over the past few weeks I've taught myself hydro dipping. Today I did my engine covers.



First attempt with a black undercoat..

Then tried again with a grey undercoat...

Much better, so did the other piece and lacquered them both...

Them refitted to the engine. I love the look and glad I did it rather than paying for a service.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Front cycle wings

After putting it off for along time, I finally took the plunge and fitted the front wings.  It took a bit of fettling around the wing carriers and a hole for the side indicators which IVA rules state must be at the widest part of the car (not including wing mirrors).

After fettling for the carriers and lining them up they weren't sitting straight so adjusted them and then the gaps didn't line up. A bit annoying but not a world ender.  I tacked them in place over night before drilling holes for a pair of bolts to ensure they don't fly off while driving. 

I then cut them back off, added the rivets and bolts before adding a large amount of sealant to hold them permanently in place. I then ran the indicators and started connecting them up before a large, random shower hit and soaked me and the car!

You can see a crack above the bolt on the front right, it chipped while drilling.  Ive filled it, sanded it and now painted it. Hopefully it will keep the damage covered for many years. 

Lights in the dark

Having only tested my lights in the day - and not hugely impressed with the performance, I popped out to try them in the dark and they are much better.  Still need upgrading once its passed its IVA but at least they work.


I visited Stoneleigh this weekend (Worlds biggest kit car show for those not in the know) and as my wife didn't accompany me, there was nobody to stop me buying anything I liked the look of!!!!

So I bought a gearbox, gear lever, start stop button, grille and a few other little bits. All fitted the same day I got home and made little differences around the car.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Bonnet Catches

Next job of the day was the bonnet catches. Took quite a while to get them lined up and measured correctly. Now they are on, the bonnet fits nicely and feels much more solid.

Fuel sender

A quick job to start the day, I added the fuel sender.  using the provided gasket and screws I tightened it in place ensuring the float was free moving inside the tank. I also made and added a second earthing point as required by the IVA.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Shortened Oil filter

Just a quick job which was to change the oil filter. Was a case of removing the old one and putting the new one in.

Taking the old one off wasnt easy as it had stuck in place, not having an oil filter removal tool, I punched a screwdriver through the side and used that as leverage to loosen it. New one in place and lots more clearance now.