Saturday, 29 April 2017

Bonnet Catches

Next job of the day was the bonnet catches. Took quite a while to get them lined up and measured correctly. Now they are on, the bonnet fits nicely and feels much more solid.

Fuel sender

A quick job to start the day, I added the fuel sender.  using the provided gasket and screws I tightened it in place ensuring the float was free moving inside the tank. I also made and added a second earthing point as required by the IVA.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Shortened Oil filter

Just a quick job which was to change the oil filter. Was a case of removing the old one and putting the new one in.

Taking the old one off wasnt easy as it had stuck in place, not having an oil filter removal tool, I punched a screwdriver through the side and used that as leverage to loosen it. New one in place and lots more clearance now.

Engine mods

After much worrying and putting it off, today was the day to start the engine. It needs a number of modifications as the car is tiny compared to what the engine normally goes in and the ground clearance is much less.  I started with the sump.  Ive bought a new lowered sump from GBS and it gives quite a bit more ground clearance so when going over raised manhole covered and speed bumps it doesnt rip the sump off.

So first thing was to get the current oil out. Not an easy job, but again not overly hard, just awkward as I had it on a rolling set of wooden pallets. Anyway, once that was empty, I laid the engine on its side and removed the air intake / fuel manifold.

Just a few bolts so nice and easy. I then covered the area with tissue and stuck it in place with a bit of tape.

Next up was to remove the sump. Its in 2 parts, an aluminium part and a steel part. First i had to remove the steel part which allowed access to the oil pick up pipe which I then removed before taking the aluminium part off. This was where the new sump would now fit.  I added the new pick up pipe and then dry fitted the sump.  Some of the screw holes were slightly off so widened them with a file before a final dry fit.

Next up (no photos) but I added some gasket sealant around the new sump and added the cork gasket.  I held it in place with the bolts and then added a layer around the top of the cork gasket before fitting it to the engine. I bolted it all up and admired my work.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Second top tunnel covered

Ended up with another spare 10 mins this afternoon so covered the second top tunnel panel with the green "leather" I've bought. I covered the cut out sections with some IVA trim to help protect the cables that run through the holes.

Only one left to do, but will wait until the gearbox is in so I know where to cut for the gear lever.

Fog light testing

After yesterdays success with the electrics, I was gutted the fog light didn't work. After some fault finding, it turns out it was because I didn't have a bulb!! I ordered some of amazon with next day delivery so rushed out to test them as soon as they arrived.

Worked perfectly, and to my surprise, the fog light switch illuminated a nice shade of blue too.